March/June becomes the time of the year when your little ones are officially spreading their wings into adult life. This is the last chance to commemorate this milestone of their life into a beautiful book that you will get to cherish forever.

Sure you can always go get a simple cap & gown portrait in front of a backdrop done at their school. But here is the thing, at French Romance Photography, we don't do basic. We do things a little bit differently because we like fine art and creativity. We are very proud at giving a final product that stands out and the quality of our photography goes above and beyond.

Sure, you will find more affordable services but going cheap usually comes with inexperience, especially with posing. You know how awkward teenagers can be in front of a camera so you might want someone that knows how to break the ice and make it super fun while giving you breathtaking images. So, if you want good-quality pictures, it is important that you work with a photographer that will direct your kid on how to pose and act. if they are not a model, they certainly have zero ideas about what to do. Not only do we help them with that but we make sure that they are also well directed for their wardrobe attire.


We currently work with all of our local high schools such as:

  • Corona High - Corona
  • Santiago - Corona
  • Centennial - Corona
  • Lee Pollard High School - Corona
  • Orange Grove High School - Corona
  • Crossroads Christian High School - Corona
  • Norco High - Norco
  • Eleanor Roosevelt High School - Eastvale
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  • 274627562_655528795699508_5550051189078000036_n.jpg
  • 274024872_676846930410572_8716662223084846874_n.jpg


outfits: casual, prom dress/suit, cap & gown, letterman jacket/sport

Graduation Starter $450

  • Session up to 1h 30 (30 min per outfit, 1 location)
  • up to 50 downloadable images online gallery

    9 touch-up images

Graduation New beginning $800

  • Session up to 2h (45min per outfit, up to 2 locations/dates)
  • up to 75 downloadable images online gallery

    15 touch-up images

  • 1 18x24 Metal Wall Art / Canvas

Graduation Send-Off $1,500

  • Session up to 3h (up to 4 outfit & 2 locations)
  • up to 150 downloadable images online gallery
  • 1 18X24 Metal Wall Art / Canvas
  • 1 10x10-20 pages Flush Mount Heirloom Album (custom made)